Three Key Types of Property Cleaning


We do a lot of different types of work here at Rosa Services, so let’s talk about three different kinds of cleaning projects that we tackle capably, with the right people and tools to get the job done well.

You’ll see testimonials for each of these on our website, because we routinely handle each of these different types of projects for satisfied customers.

Routine Clean

This is the type of cleaning that you probably first think of when you think about a housecleaning service.

As we pointed out in previous blog posts, we do a wide variety of routine home cleaning, from countertop and floor cleaning to appliance cleaning and also specialized services like fluff and fold laundry. We talked about some of these last month, and they’re very popular with our clients.

House cleaning service is a recurring type of project that you keep track of as time goes by. Good organization and good client files ensure that you do just the right things on a given visit to keep the house in excellent condition.

New Construction Cleaning

With new technology in the construction industry, it’s possible to build something new in a pretty quick time frame.

Unfortunately, that often means buildings are ready to enter before they’re ready to move into. Construction crews may leave behind a lot of trash, and certain kinds of debris may be scattered throughout the building.

Our new construction complements the craftsmanship and engineering that crews do to create a new space, so that when you walk in, you see this newly constructed building in all its glory, and not a kind of shabby wreck.

Moving Cleanouts

This type of job is radically different from either of the two mentioned above.

Moving cleanouts are about assessing what happened to a property over time as it was lived in, and reconditioning it back to that clean and livable standard.

There’s quite a lot of value in this kind of work – just ask a landlord or other property owner. Cleaning is vital in presenting these types of properties the right way, whether it’s for rental, resale or anything else.

For more, take a look back through our archive and read about everything that we do for customers in the local area. Quality counts with us – and we want to help to make your local property everything that it can be. Call Rosa Services for specialized, responsive service and peace of mind about your home. 



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