Preparing For The Holidays


Let’s talk about some of the trends that we are seeing right now with home cleaning services.

Like we said in an earlier blog post, we do all kinds of home cleaning – and we do it well, with customized plans for a particular client that accommodate that household’s schedule and house cleaning needs.

What we’re seeing right now is that people are preparing their homes for the holidays in some common ways.

Pre-Party Cleaning

Lots of our customers are having Christmas party shindigs or family celebrations or some type of event in the home.

This is especially true as many of us dig out of the coronavirus era occasioned by lockdowns and other changes last year.

These customers want some particular cleaning services that help to get their house very nice and presentable for a holiday party or other affair.

That’s where we come in – our professional and helpful crews deal with every room of your home, to create the right ambience and environment for guests.

Post-Party Cleaning

Then there’s the cleanup afterward.

We’ve already been taking care of some of our customers’ properties after the Thanksgiving meal and some specific aspects of home cleaning apply here.

First, there is the responsibility to look at all of the flooring areas and make sure that those are professionally cleaned.

You don’t want your cleaning service to come in and leave behind food debris or other items in the corners or some neglected floor space.

Countertops are important, too. This is a place where a lot of dirt and debris hides – and where it takes some specific strategy to get into all of the areas of the countertop and clean.

In addition, we’re looking at cleaning all of the public areas like a guest bathroom and many other areas, usually on the ground floor of the home.

Having a customized and specialized cleaning plan makes things more efficient, and gives you more for the money that you pay for home cleaning.

Otherwise, you run the risk of paying for a lot of untargeted cleaning that just costs money and doesn’t really provide a lot for either pre-party or post party cleanup.

We’re happy to be a part of your household celebration of this holiday season. Talk to Rosa Services about getting the specific home cleaning services you want for the right sanitary and aesthetic result. We are not one of those quick clean services – we take every job seriously and tackle it with the professionalism and dedication that you would expect!

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