The Buddy System: Our Professional Team Approach

The Buddy System: Our Professional Team Approach

Here at Rosa Services, we have our own business model that is popular with our clients, and it’s one that we’re immensely proud of as we grow.

First of all, it has to do with offering a diversity of services – along with deep cleaning, we routinely help with processes like laundry and dishwashing, and different types of home organization. This helps our customers who are busy with their own responsibilities!

The other part of this is our team approach. We structure our jobs to work in teams of two, for a few important reasons.

First, there is a type of professionalism that you get when you work in teams. People get used to working together and communicating about jobs, and brainstorming to figure out how to solve any problems that occur.

Delegation and Professional Work

It’s also sometimes necessary to delegate some kind of task while you’re on a job. It might be as simple as sourcing cleaning supplies while you’re cleaning, or checking on some other room or space while you’re engaged in working in a particular part of the building.

Of course, there have been excellent ‘cleaning ladies’ and individuals who go around cleaning people’s houses, and they’ve done tremendous jobs. But in some ways, we find that that model is becoming sort of obsolete these days as there’s more of a modern business approach to house cleaning (and the related services that we talked about above) in general.

Moving Furniture?

In addition, some tasks require moving furniture or heavy items. That’s not to say that cleaning is like a moving or delivery job, where you need a lot of brawn or muscle. But in the case that you need to just deal with a bulky item, or something needs to move a few feet in one direction or another, having a team of two is valuable.

That’s a little bit about our professional approach. Beyond that, though, we offer a very special kind of cleaning service – instead of just doing the bare minimum, we help create customized plans for various customers, including those with high-end properties that need a lot of different types of care.

To get involved, contact us through the web or call to find out more about our services. We are happy to put our expertise to work for you! We’ll listen, and ask questions, to put together just the right cleaning plan for your property that you can rely on year-round.

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