We do a ‘Spotless Service’ for all move-out deep cleans. Realtors love our service because it’s always “Ready to Show!”
If your landlord or property manager has a list of required cleaning tasks, please provide that list and we will do our best!  Please click here to see our list of things we cannot do for safety and liability reasons.


  • Refrigerator interior/exterior * (will clean behind/under if moved for us)
  • Oven/Broiler
  • Stove Hood exterior/filter
  • Stove surface/under top/drip pans
  • Kitchen appliances interior/exterior
  • Cabinet interior and exterior
  • Sink, backsplash, and counter tops
  • Collect and take out trash (additional charges will apply)


  • Sink
  • Toilet interior/exterior
  • Shower, tub, walls, glass, and door tracks
  • Exhaust fan
  • Cabinet/drawer interior and exteriors/handles
  • Mirrors
  • Light fixtures
  • Grout Steam Cleaning (upon request)

All rooms

  • Cobwebs removed
  • Doors and jambs checked and cleaned for dust, fingerprints, smudges, and scuffs
  • Light switch and outlet plates
  • Chair rail/picture rail/crown moldings
  • Light fixtures (within reach of 2 step stool)
  • Ceiling fans (within reach)
  • Air/heat vents
  • Wood blinds/shutters
  • Baseboards
  • All Floors
    • Vacuum including edging and corners
    • Mop hard floors (tile, wood, linoleum)